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Chinese New Year is here again!

又要破财了! Need to give ang bao instead of getting them. (FYI I am married to a wonderful lady.) Never mind lah, since it’s only once a year. (Wait till I have my own baby… then it’s revenge time… Hehe…)

Anyway since it’s the year of rat, 我祝大家鼠年行大与运, “鼠” 钱 “鼠” 到笑呵呵!

Happy Lunar New Year to all!

Posted by: alandino | December 26, 2007


Merry Christmas to all!

It’s been a while since I posted here. Sorry for the very long overdue post. I know I promised to have at least 2 posts a week but just too lazy to write something after a very tiring school term (FYI I am still studying part-time in NTU).

Did ok for the exams (可以pass就好) and only 2 more subjects to go. YES!!! Thinking of choosing easier subjects so that I can sleep sail through my last semester.

Anyway I saw this interesting video clip on youtube about copyright done by a Professor from Bucknell University. He did it by combining over 400 cuts from 27 different Disney cartoons. Very informative (but may be also very irritating to some). 

Enjoy! I will be back again soon (I hope).

Posted by: alandino | November 26, 2007

Darling knows best…

Sharon‘s birthday is coming soon and I have made some plans for her.  

I tried to surprise her in the past few years but when I told her that I have some surprise for her and confidently claimed that she would never guess what I have planned, she got it correct on her first guess.  

Demoralizing right!

She always knows what I have planned! I can never surprise her.

So this time around I decided to tell her I have some plans on her birthday but I refuse to let her guess what it is.

I am quite confident that it will surprise her but then again, I probably can’t hide anything from her…

Darling knows best…

Posted by: alandino | November 20, 2007

Banyan Tree in my Calendar?

I was sitting in the living room surfing the net when my mobile phone alarm suddenly went off.

Was wondering what happened?!

Upon checking I got a BIG shock!

I have got a calendar reminder with the following: “Dear’s Birthday (Banyan Tree).”

OMG! How did Banyan Tree gets into my mobile phone calendar? Is this one of their marketing tactics? hmm…how could that be possible?  

I immediately turn around and tell Sharon about it.

And guess wat… she just giggled without saying a word.

Then I realised…duh…

It is not Banyan Tree but my lovely wife. She wanted to remind me to bring her to Banyan Tree on her birthday and secretly input reminders into my calendar.

And it’s set in “repeated every year” mode some more…

Chey…and I thought Banyan Tree was so formidable…

But now I am so tired that I don’t even have strength to climb a tree… don’t talk about Banyan Tree.

Posted by: alandino | November 17, 2007

Great Bargain!

I am back! It’s been a while since I posted here. Been very busy with both my assignments and exams. Losing a lot of sleep over all these. So glad that I have finished all the assignments and one exam, with only one more to go.

Sharon and I decided to take a break from both work and study and go to Orchard to relax ourselves and do some shopping. We are going to Korea next Jan and we have been going around look for suitable shoes to wear for our trip. Saw a few but there are either too expansive or not comfy enough. So when we saw a Timberland shop we decided to go in and have a look.

A big “SALE” was pasted outside the shop but I mentioned to Sharon that now everywhere it SALE so don’t be too happy about it. But it really is SALE! It’s having a 15% discount storewide!

Sharon saw a pair of nice boots and when she tried it her facial expression shows that it is the most comfy shoes she had ever worn and immediately decided to buy it. She then try to persuade me to buy one too but I still feel it is too expensive so decided not to.

But guess wat… when she was paying, we were told that Citibank card holder has an additional 15% discount. What a deal! I immediately took off to look for a pair and after trying a few, I decided to get one too. It’s still not cheap but to get a Timberland shoes that originally cost well over $200 for under $200 it is definitely a great bargain.

My First Timberland Shoes

Posted by: alandino | October 31, 2007

What a day!

I have been attending meetings after meetings since I joined my current company more than 1 month ago but today can be described as one of the most tiring one.

Normally we start our meeting at 9:30am and end latest at 12:30pm to go for lunch. But today we had a meeting that last until 2:15pm! Can you believe it, we actually sat in the meeting room for almost 5 hours! One of my colleague even joked that our boss sure supply us with dinner to continue the meeting. I was so tired after the meeting, one of us even dosed off towards the end of the meeting.

But if you think thats the end of it, I need to attend another meeting at 3:30pm! OMG! Luckly this meeting ended before knock off time if not I will not have the energy to post this message. And my wife will continue to pester encourage me to post more to my blog. 

 PS. For those who like to organise meeting, please take a few minutes to think of those tiring man & woman around you. They are innocence, just like me…


Posted by: alandino | October 24, 2007

Finally, my very first BLOG!

Hello there! Finally decided to create a blog (After constant nagging from my very naggy lovely wife).

I hope I can maintain the currency of my blog by having at least 2 posts every week. No promise but I will try my very best. Will get all the tips from my wife on how to have a interesting blog.

That’s all for now dude! (Find this post boring? Go to my wife’s blog to read some interesting post.)